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Who We Are

We are Jared and Katie, a Kiwi bloke and an American lass. Both wanting more than the “normal lives” we left our respecting countries and moved to South Korea to teach English. We met in the summer of 2010 and have been adventuring all over South Korea on our bikes ever since.

Meet Katie Eichten Mitchell

Katie is new to traveling. Until moving to South Korea she had spent most of her life in Minnesota close to family and friends with a yearning to leave home and see what the world had to offer. She moved to South Korea in February 2010 and immediately fell in love with the country, the idea of traveling, and living abroad. Her desire to experience more in life was the final controlling factor of her decisions. She has now traveled all around South Korea and Southeast Asia, however after two years of teaching she never thought she would be planning a cycle trip to Turkey….until she met Jared

Meet Jared Mitchell

Jared is a Kiwi vagabond with an incredible sense of adventure. After graduating University he wanted an overseas experience, so in 2004 he moved to South Korea to teach English where it became his base for his world adventures. His sense of adventure and athletic spirit led him to buy a bike and explore the country. Very quickly the rides turned into a passion and the idea of a 6-month cycle tour was born. Jared and three of his close friends set off from Seoul, South Korea in April 2009 with a destination of London, England. Six months and 14,000km’s later, they accomplished their goal.


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