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Turkey Gear List

While cycle touring itself is a very cheap way to see the world, generally $10-20 a day, the gear can quickly add up to be more than you would expect.

Camping & Sleeping

The Essentials
TentREI Quarter Dome T2$259
Tent FootprintREI Quarter Dome T2 Footprint$25
SeatsCrazy Creek(x2) $50
Headlamp (Jared)Petzl Tikka Plus LED$25
Headlamp (Katie)Enegizer Freebie from a running raceFREE
SteripenSteriPEN Adventurer Water Purifier$90
Water FilterSteriPEN Water Bottle Prefilter(gift) $0
Water BottleNalgene (used with steriPEN Prefilter)$10
Water Bags10L Ortlieb Water Bags (x2) $24
Fire StartingFlint Stick Firestarter$20
Total $577

StoveMSR WhisperLite International - Old pump broke so we bought this 18 hours before our flight(gift) $140
Gas BottleMSR Fuel Bottle 20oz/591ml$22
CookwareMSR DuraLite Gourmet Cookset$82
Camping Knife
BowlsSea to Summit
Korean cheapo
(gift) $0
SporkSea to Summit (fork/knife set)
Cups1x Camping Mug
1x Plastic Cheapo
Utensils EtcChopsticks (2 sets)
Spoon and Spatula
ExtrasZiploc Bags
Dishwashing Sponge
Dishwashing liquid
Spice & liquid Containers
Total $681

Jared's Sleeping Gear
Sleeping BagMontbell UL SS Down Hugger #2 (long)$334
Sleeping MatTherm-a-rest Prolite
Therm-a-Rest ProLite Stuff Sack
Sleeping Mat BagTherm-a-Rest ProLite Stuff Sack$15
PillowThermarest Compressible Pillow (large)$28
Silk LinerSea to Summit 100% Premium Silk Liner (std)$55
Total $526

Katie's Sleeping Gear
Sleeping BagNorthfaceFREE
Sleeping MatTherm-a-Rest Women's Prolite$70
PillowThermarest Compressible Pillow (small)$20
Silk LinerSea to Summit cotton/silk mix$49
Total $139

Bikes & Equipment

Jared's Bike Setup
Back BagCrosso Expert
Fabric: Cordura
Capacity: 50 litres
Weight: 540 grams
Dimension: (d x h) : 32 x 75cm
Rear PanniersCrosso Expert
Fabrics: Cordura
Capacity: 60 litres/pair
Weight: 2600 grams/pair
Mounting: Modified Ortlieb QL1
Front BagOrtlieb Ultimate5 Plus
(with strap)
Small Front Bar BagTopeak$20
Front LightAyup Front Light + Spare Batteries & Charging Kit
Back LightCheap Korean One$10
Bike StandClick Stand
Spare click-stand ties
Bike ComputerCateye Micro Wireless$50
Bike SeatBrooks Flyer-S Saddle$110
Extras & AccessoriesBungee Cord
Bike Pump
Bike Lock
2 Drink Bottles
My Scott Sub 20 was originally purchased in 2007 for approximately $600. With consistant it has remained a great bike for South Korea. The cost of the bike has not been included in the total.
Total $888 USD

Katies's Touring Stuff
Back BagOrtlieb Dry Bag PS 490
Fabric: PVC
Capacity: 22 litres
Weight: 370 grams
Dimension: (d x h) : 52 x 22cm
Rear PanniersOrtlieb Back-Roller Plus
Fabrics: Cordura
Capacity: 40 litres/pair
Weight: 1680 grams/pair
Mounting: Ortlieb QL2
Front BagOrtlieb Ultimate5 Plus$140
Front LightAyup Front Light + Spare Batteries & Charging Kit
Back LightCheap Korean One$10
Bike StandClick Stand
Spare click-stand ties
Bike ComputerCateye Micro Wireless(gift) $0
Bike SeatBrooks Flyer-S Saddle(gift) $0
Extras & AccessoriesBungee Cord
Bike Pump
2 Drink Bottles
Jared gave me my Scott bike as a gift. It used to be his friends in South Korea and has been maintained well. The cost of the bike has not been included in the total.
Total $698

Everyday Tools & Spare Parts
Allan KeysSelect Sizes 3,4,5,6,8$20
Needle Nose Pliers$5
Puncture Repair KitPlus extra patches$10
Chain OilBry Lube$10
Mini Allan Key Set(gift) $0
Bike Multi Tool
Chain Oil$10
More Tools, Spare Parts & Repair Kits
Spoke Key$10
Repair KitsMcNett Seam Grip Sleeping Pad Repair Kit
McNett Gear Aid Tenacious Ultra-Strong Repair Tape
Spare WiresOne Brake
One Gear
Spare Tubes26" Schwalbe(x2) $7
Spare Brake ShoesQuad Q-Stop Blocks$10
Spokes(x8) $5
Cassette Removal ToolStein Stein Mini Cassette Lockring Tool Shimano/SRAM 1$35
MiscellaneousChain Links
Various nuts and bolts
Ortlieb Clip spacers
Rubber Bands
Zip Ties
Lengths of Binding String
Various sized clips
Spare Shimano Shoe Cleats
Duct Tape
Total $200 (approx)

Photography & Electronics

Nikon D90
AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G
Extra Camera LensAF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G$235
Camera GPS ReceiverEasytag GPS for Nikon D90$60
Camera (Katies)Canon IXUS 105 Point & Shoot(gift) $0
HD Video CameraKodak ZX3 Playsport 5 Megapixel
2 Spare Batteries
16g SD Card / Remote Control
Extra AccesoriesFlexible Grip Tripod
Spare SD Cards
USB Cable
Total $1535

Apple ipod Touch (Jared's)64GB 4th Generation$415
Apple ipod Touch (Katie's)32GB 4th Generation$315
USB Stick 16GB w/ Portable Apps Installed$20
Mobile Phone + ChargerUnlocked Nokia 5130$100
Handheld GPS UnitGarmin etrex Vista Hcx$325
Solar Charger
1 x Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel
1 x Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack
1 x Ultra Charge Solar Cord
(gift) $0
AnemometerLa Crosse Anemometer EA-301$40
Rechargeable Batteries8 x AA (2700mAh)
6 x AA (2000mAh)
Extra AccessoriesApple USB Cord
USB Wall Charger
Spare Headphones w Mic
Universal Plug Adaptors
Total $1265

Jared’s Clothing

On the Bike
Lycra Bike Shorts Ground Effect Sputniks

Purchased Mar, 2012. I originally bought 2 pairs in 2009. Have purchased 2 more pairs for this trip as they were getting old and the padding was worn. They lasted a very long time through a lot of cycling
(x2) $70
ShortsColumbia Titanium$45
PantsGround Effect Ranchsliders

Purchased Feb, 2009. Only wear has been the rear pocket needing stitched up.
Short Sleeved ShirtGround Effect Slingshot

Purchased May, 2010. This is a replacement my original Slingshot top purchased in Mar, 2009. 6 months of wearing it every day wore the original completely out. This is my favorite top, but unfortunately they have been discountinued
Short Sleeved ShirtHan River Riders Cycling Top

Purchased Jun, 2011. Our Korean cycling club jersey. This arrived lat in the season so I have yet to test it out.
Long Sleeved ShirtGround Effect Baked Alaska$100
Cycling GlovesSpecialized BG Pro XL$45
HeadsweatHeadsweats Shorty Beanie, Khaki

Purchased Mar, 2012. Replacing my classic headsweats for this trip. The new ones do not require being tied each time.
(x2) $10
BuffBuffWear New Zealand fern pattern$18
ShoesNorthwave Clipless$110
SocksGrip Grab (thick)
Ankle Socks (thin)
$ 20
Total $679

Off the Bike
SingletNike Dri-Fit
T-shirtSeoul Flyers
Running ShortsNike Dri-Fit
Casual ShortsColumbia Titanium
Long Sleeved ShirtIcebreaker Bodyfit 260 Weight
UnderwearHoleproof vibes
CapDoosan Bears
SandalsCrocs - Yes I wear them and LOVE them. Nice and comfy after a day in cycling shoes. Perfect for cycle touring
Running ShoesMizuno Wave Riders 13
No prices have been added as these items are from my normal wardrobe and not cycle touring specific.

Protective / Outerwear
JacketGround Effect Storm Trooper$175
Waterproof PantsMontura Ultralight Pants$75
Windproof fleece vest.Ground Effect Two Timer (this has detachable sleeves which I am not taking in this trip)$105
Shoe CoversGripGrab Artic$65
Polypro GlovesKathmandu$8
Waterproof GlovesGripGrab Polaris $53
HatBaked Beanie$10
Total $491

Extras & Accessories
SunglassesSmith Reactor Max Sunglasses
Extra Lenses
Bike MirrorBike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror (Compact)$11
Velcro Ankle Bands$10
Mini Camping Towel$3
BackpackCamelbak M.U.L.E
Other StuffNotepad & Pencil
Ziploc Bags (various sizes)
Roll of toilet paper
Total $109

Katie’s Clothing

On the Bike
Nylon lycra cycle shortsGround Effect Jitterbugs(x2) $71
Capri tights$15
Short Sleeve ShirtKorean Brand Cycling Top$55
Short Sleeve ShirtHan River Riders Cycling Top$65
Long Sleeve ShirtGround Effect Popsicle $113
Cycling GlovesGround Effect Quickdraws$25
Sport BraNike Sport Bra$20 (x2)
Bike ShoesPearl Izumi X-Alp Seek IV $100
SocksGround Effect Zig Zag
3 pair thin socks
BuffKorean Flag Pattern Buff(gift) $0
BeanieGround Effect Baked Beanie$15
Total $598

Off the Bike
T-ShirtsTwin Cities Marathon
Daegu Shirt
Run ShortsNew Balance
Casual ShortsKhaki Shorts
Jersey Shorts
Long Sleeve ShirtMizuno
PantsAdiads Wind Pants
SoxHiking Sox
Running Shoes
Merrell Sandals
No prices have been added as these items are from my normal wardrobe and not cycle touring specific.

Protective / Outerwear
JacketShe Shell Waterproof Rain Jacket$213
Pants Novara Rain Pants (REI) $64
Shoe CoversPearl Izumi (REI)$45
MittensAsic Running Mittens--
Total $322

Extras & Accessories
MirrorBike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror$11
Twins Baseball hat--
Velcro Ankle Bands$10

First Aid, Medical & Toiletries

Medical & First Aid
Various ItemsAlcohol Swabs
2 x Roll Bandages
Cotton Wound Bandage Dressing
Instant Heat Hand & Toe Warmers
Satety Pins
Alcohol Solution
Ankle Bandage
Band Aids (Various Sizes)
Antiseptic Ointment
Antibiotic Ointment
Cotton Dressings
Iodine Solution
Dressing Tape
Sports Tape
Polaramine 6mg antihistamines
Water purification tablets
Resuscitation Face Mask

Jared's Toiletries
Various ItemsToothbrush
Toilet paper
Ear Plugs
Pain killers
Small Deodorant Stick
Allergy tablets

Katie's Toiletries
Various ItemsBrush
Ear plugs
Eye drops
Bug spray
Sun Screen
Hair Things
Hair Clips
IB Profen

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