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First Aid Course

A few months back to prepare for potential emergency situations we took an EFR course with our friends Suzie, Ski and Katie. They joined us as they too are preparing for a cycle tour. Read more at Biking the Balkans. Here are some of the pics from our course.

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Ortlieb Water Bags 10 Liter

New Gear Purchases

Here are some of the additions I have made to my touring kit since the 2009 tour. Camping Additions 2 Ortlieb 10L Water Bags – From memory water wasn’t really an issue in Turkey, but we also had multiple plastic bottles all over our bikes to carry enough water for camping, so Katie and I […]

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Social Networking Map

10 Days Until Turkey

Welcome to our cycling Turkey website. Katie has been back in Minnesota for the past month giving me far too much time on my hands, so I put my rusty web design skills to work and chucked together a small website designed specifically to make it easy for you.

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Wet and Wild Turkey

For a full story explaining the video you are about to watch continue reading below: It was sad to say goodbye to friends in Istanbul. Tom had left a day earlier on a mission to conquer Europe by himself and now Katie and I were leaving the much loved German after having had a great […]

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Haircuts in Turkey

Getting a Haircut or a shave in Turkey is definitely a must do. Not only do they provide you with tea and wait every time you go to drink it, they also do something that I had never experienced before. Watch and see.

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