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A View Through Taka’s Eyes

In todays digital age it has been extremely easy to bring you digital photos from our trip virtually as they happen, but imagine a trip where the memories you bring back are more than files on a small piece of plastic. This is exactly what our friend Taka does. We first met Taka in Bishkek, […]

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48 hours

It was all well and good deciding to skip the Uzbek and Kazakh deserts and the accompanying 45-degree furnace. We still had the problem of getting three cyclists, bikes and bags all the way from Bukara to the port of Aktau in Kazakhstan. In this part of the world at least, the machinations of getting […]

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Wandering the Streets of Almaty

As I mentioned in the last post, for the most part the people of Almaty are very cold and unhelpful. Their city on the other hand is gorgeous. I took an afternoon to wonder the lush tree laden streets of Almaty and walk through their numerous parks. This is some of what I saw.

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Borderline Ridiculous

Crossing international borders by air is usually an efficient process. Just line up, hand your passport over, smile politely and wait for your exit or entry stamp. Oh, were it that simple to cross by land. Our trip across the frontier at Khorgos took most of the day and a most of my patience. When […]

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