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Turkish Camping Dinner Cuisine

We both love camp cooking and coming up with new and different things to eat, so while wild camping almost every night we improved our chef skills and quickly learned what food was delicious and easy to make. Here is our wild camping menu.

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Ortlieb Water Bags 10 Liter

Gear Tips for Newbies

With lots of time on our hands as we tackle the Turkish mountains and sit under the shade of trees Katie and I have put together a few helpful hints & tips that have worked for us so far that I think you will find invaluable before you meet us in Istanbul in 3 weeks. […]

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Why Not Warm Shower it up in Korea?

There are plenty of ways in Korea to make a cycle tour a little cheaper and more interesting at the same time. Sure you can wild camp (my personal favorite) but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of pitching up behind a small shed in the middle of nowhere and sometimes it’s just nice […]

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2008-09-28 005

Doraksan Campsite

Just down the road from the Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite is the start of the the hiking trails for Doraksan. The round trip hike to the peak took a little over 4 hours and had some great views. There is a small place at the start of the hike next to the car park where […]

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2008-09-28 015

Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite

The Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite is located further up the in the same valley as the Soseonam and Soseonam #2 campsites. Compared to the other two campsites in the area it is very small and is hidden just off the valley road next to the river. There are toilets across the road an a small […]

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2008-09-28 021

Soseonam Campsite #2

Soseonam Campsite #2 differs slightly from the first Soseonam Campsite (??????). Located about 500 meters up the road it has more a of a camping feel to it with slightly over grown grassy areas, no assigned camping spots and little to no lighting at night. There is however a small convenience store (??) at the […]

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2008-09-28 030

Soseonam Campsite

The Soseonam Campsite (??????) is located in a very nice valley beside a clean river about a 15 minute drive (45 min bike ride) from the city of Danyang. It is your typical Korean, drive up and pitch your tent on a small piece of ground. Each camping spot is numbered and my guess is […]

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2008-09-28 029

Camping in Korea

First things first. The word/symbols for campsite in Korea is 야영장. (ya-yeong-jang) Unfortunately camping in Korea is not one of the easiest things to do. Most campsites are limited to the National Parks with limited English information available, and forget finding a small place to pitch a tent for the night. I tried this when […]

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