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Nothing Like a Flash Flood

I had the idea of crossing to the other side where I could see some nice trees to pitch our tent under for shade and the river, though running fast, wasn’t much higher my calves, so Katie and I pushed our bikes through. Thunder, lightning, rain and hail went on for more than an hour […]

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Where is my iPhone?

Where is my iPhone? It’s always in this little pocket. Oh sh*@##t. I knew exactly where it was. I had fallen to sleep that night in a tiny little Tibetan “kind of” guesthouse with my headphones in. It was under my pillow 75km away back over this mountain pass.

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Blizzard Conditions

Our last day in the mountains was an eventful one. It started out beautifully after staying with a kind Tibetan family and getting on the road early. We knew we had one more pass to go over before we dropped 1,500 meters to Kangding and wanted to get to town as early as possible. We […]

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