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Do-it-yourself Tampons

After days and days of waiting to go to the Pamirs we were finally there. We enjoyed 4 days of cycling with Kieran and Marley, the British/German couple we met in Dushanbe, but said goodbye in Khorog as we headed east through the Gunt valley and they headed south to the Wakhan valley. It was […]

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Fann Mountain Vacation

While waiting for our GBAO permits in Dushanbe, Jared and I got a bit restless. We decided to leave the city for a few days and explore the Fann mountain range just north of Dushanbe. We set off on a Friday morning and returned to the guesthouse early Monday hoping to get our permits. The […]

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Dushanbe. The Real Time Vortex

The time we spent waiting in Bishkek was child’s play compared to Dushanbe. Let me start at the beginning; Bishkek. While in Bishkek we got our Tajikistan visas and were under the impression we could get our GBAO permits, which are needed to ride the Pamir highway, as well. When we went to the embassy […]

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Sanaba. Our Mother from Isfara

We camped about 40km from the border the night before entering Tajikistan. Jared was sick that night and we were both still tired from our 6 day sprint from Bishkek to Osh. It was hot and we had trouble finding good drinking water that day but we were excited to finally be getting to Tajikistan. […]

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Radio Silence Over

Hey folks, We are back on the map after a few weeks of solitude in the Pamirs, Tajikistan. Katie and I are furiously editing photos and writing stories before jumping back on the bikes and heading for Bishkek. Stay tuned for more adventures from the road that include yet another random strangers home-stay, frustrations with […]

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Kazakhstan and Kashin

Our trip through Kazakhstan was fast and furious but we chose for it to be that way. The rules to travel through Kazakhstan say if you are in the country for more than five days, you must stop in Almaty and get a second stamp in your passport. But if you are in the country […]

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Our Vacation on Vacation

While waiting for our Kazakhstan visas, we decided to cycle for a few days around the Urumqi area. We planned out a loop that would take through the Tian Shan Mountains, over a 4200 meter mountain pass, and then drop into the desert. That plan, however, got shot down after we got snowed in at […]

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Geological Center of Asia

While killing time in and around the Tianshan Mountains near Urumqi we stumbled across the Geological center of Asia. Obviously this called for a token picture or two. Note the spelling of continent. To be fair it was spelled right on at least one of the signs. Had a chat with the local traffic cop […]

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