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5 Year Reunion

He has been the conversation of many of our trip tales. A vampire slaying angel that popped out of the darkness on the lowest day of the 2009 bike trip. He energized us with his constant happiness and made the last month of China really mean something. You can read more about Zhou in these […]

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The Jared Dubbs Experience

Our time in Hong Kong would not have been possible without the help of our good friend Jared Dubbs, or as Jared likes to call him ‘Beta Jared’. We spent 11 days getting our bikes together, sorting out our gear, enjoying Sai Kung (where Beta lives), and learning new card games (see below). But by […]

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Hong Kong RidersLand

To get some of the cobwebs out of the system Katie and I went for a ride with a cycling club called “RidersLand” here in Hong Kong. I had previously been in contact with Dennis who started the group via facebook when he was looking for information about cycling in South Korea. They were kind […]

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Gearing Up

Katie and I have been in Hong Kong for a week now. It hasn’t all been lazing around and doing tourist stuff though. First on the agenda was sorting out passports and visas. We were fortunate enough to have this all go very smoothly. Setting up our bikes however was not the case. Katie’s brand […]

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Got the Passport Photos?

Was having breakfast this morning with Katie taking advantage of the parents hospitality wondering what we did with our passport photos. Part of our prep back in Korea was to make sure we have enough photos for the barrage of visa paperwork that will be required on the road.

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