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One Last Big Climb in Georgia

After our massive thunderstorm and flash flood, see the video here, we were up and ready to tackle not only our last big climb of the trip but our last dirt road. In like the roads of China and the Pamirs, this dirt road was actually in pretty good shape, at least it was on […]

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Nothing Like a Flash Flood

I had the idea of crossing to the other side where I could see some nice trees to pitch our tent under for shade and the river, though running fast, wasn’t much higher my calves, so Katie and I pushed our bikes through. Thunder, lightning, rain and hail went on for more than an hour […]

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What is this Licorice Stuff?

OK, so back in 2009 when I first rode to Vardzia with my friends Tibbs and Irish Tom we were given this kind of fruit roll-up licorice tasting goodness. I had been talking about this stuff to Katie for weeks before we got to Georgia and had only ever seen it in a tiny little […]

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Vardzia and the 16km Day

When we first started planning this trip we had allotted 3 weeks for. Georgia and Armenia. But as we were resting in Bishkek before we flew to Turkey, we decided to scratch Armenia from our plans, only spend a few days in Georgia, and spend most of the last 6 weeks in Turkey. But one […]

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