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Zhilam Hostel & Chengdu Generousity

After our battle with the blizzard, we were happy to be done climbing and off our bikes for a few days. Our plan was to get to the Zhilam hostel in Kangding by the afternoon and get ready for our visa adventure that would consume the next 5 days. Our first attempts at finding the […]

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Blizzard Conditions

Our last day in the mountains was an eventful one. It started out beautifully after staying with a kind Tibetan family and getting on the road early. We knew we had one more pass to go over before we dropped 1,500 meters to Kangding and wanted to get to town as early as possible. We […]

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Litang. China’s Wild West

After four tough days of battling gale force winds, mountain after mountain, dirt roads, and almost running out of supplies we made it to Litang. Litang is a county of the traditional Kham Region of Eastern Tibet and has an interesting history. During the 1950’s, Litang was one of the main areas of Tibetan armed […]

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Shangri-la Burning

Our first full day off the bike was in Shangri la, but it wasn’t always known as Shangri la. It’s former name is Zhongdian but was renamed Shangri la because of a fictional novel written back in the 1930’s. The city changed names in 2001 in a desperate attempt to produce more tourism. The city […]

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25 hours to Kunming

After spending 3 1/2 days in Gunangzhou with our Warmshowers hosts and meeting up with Zhou, Jared’s cycling buddy from 2009, we set off for Kunming. This was an adventure in itself. Our train was at 1pm, we said goodbye to David and Mary at 8am and headed for the train station.

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Tea Time in China

The first morning with our WarmShowers hosts David and Mary proved to be an interesting time. They took us out to breakfast, or morning tea as they call it here, with Mary’s mother. This was another true Cantonese experience for the two of us. It started with the basics of Baoji or steamed dumplings, which […]

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5 Year Reunion

He has been the conversation of many of our trip tales. A vampire slaying angel that popped out of the darkness on the lowest day of the 2009 bike trip. He energized us with his constant happiness and made the last month of China really mean something. You can read more about Zhou in these […]

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