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Kazakhstan and Kashin

Our trip through Kazakhstan was fast and furious but we chose for it to be that way. The rules to travel through Kazakhstan say if you are in the country for more than five days, you must stop in Almaty and get a second stamp in your passport. But if you are in the country […]

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Our Vacation on Vacation

While waiting for our Kazakhstan visas, we decided to cycle for a few days around the Urumqi area. We planned out a loop that would take through the Tian Shan Mountains, over a 4200 meter mountain pass, and then drop into the desert. That plan, however, got shot down after we got snowed in at […]

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White Out

The day started out nice enough. We had blue skies and gorgeous scenery but the roads were rough going. It was a constant up and the roads were beaten up because of all the trucks. About 2 1/2 hours in to our day we realized our dream of making it over the mountain in a […]

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Western Food in Zhangye

Welcome to Dicos” (in Chinese) every employee would say in unison as a new customer walked in the door – strange. While hanging out with Yannis and Kelly we sampled the local fast-food restaurant. As it wouldn’t be a full Zhangye expat experience without some sort of “western food.” So off we went to Dico’s, […]

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Police Escort

During our 7 day Qilian mountain leg, the cold nights started to get to both of us (well more me than Jared) so we decided to take a night off of the tent and find a hotel. We spent the day climbing over a beautiful mountain pass and had a well deserved 30km of downhill. […]

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Cold, Cold Camping

When we were planning our trip we knew we would be climbing over some high mountains which meant we would be sleeping up high as well. We expected our stretch from Shangri-la to Kangding to bring the highest, and therefore coldest, camping spots. But boy were we wrong! Don’t get me wrong, we did have […]

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The journey from Shangri la to Kangding gave us dirt roads, amazing views, cold camping, and one blizzard but the best part of the road was all the yaks!!! Neither one of us had ever seen yaks much less so many yaks, so up close, and so hairy!

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Where is my iPhone?

Where is my iPhone? It’s always in this little pocket. Oh sh*@##t. I knew exactly where it was. I had fallen to sleep that night in a tiny little Tibetan “kind of” guesthouse with my headphones in. It was under my pillow 75km away back over this mountain pass.

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