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Many Thanks

Anne and Andy Bibel. Thank you for the new Garmin! It did more than just keep us on the right road, it let us know how high we were climbing, how far we had to go, and even what time the sun rose and set. Peter & Jane Eichten. Thanks for the new tent! We […]


Bursa Is a Nice Place

Like I previously mentioned, we bussed to Bursa from Bartin and stayed with Ahmet and Sevil for a night before heading off to Çanakkale. We then decided to head back to Bursa and catch the ferry to Istanbul from there on our last day of riding. Our first plan was to arrive on Wednesday night, […]


When We Dont Cycle Katie Sleeps

This is for all the people out there that are curious what Katie does when we have a couple of days off the bike here it is:


Bergama Celebrations

After our random morning at the Bergama Athena Pensiyon it was time for the official celebrations to begin. First stop, a local Cay house where Erdal had organized cyclists from Dikili, Bergama, and Soma to come meet us, ask questions, and hang out. Balloons were hung, Cay was had, and cake was eaten. In Turkish […]


At Athena Pensiyon Again

Katie and I had just cycled into Bergama (where I proposed in 2012) to meet Erdal and the Bergama/Soma cycling community for a small celebration. We decided to arrive a couple of hours earlier so we could reminisce about the places we had eaten at blah blah, but our plans (as usual) quickly changed when […]


Vacation in Dikili

Jared and I got engaged in 2012 in Bergama, Turkey. After our trip we became friends with a cyclist from Bergama on Facebook. He told us that if we were ever in the area again we had a place to stay. We appreciated the gesture and assured him if we were ever there again we […]


Not Lost in Translation

As previously mentioned, cycling Turkey has been more about meeting people and experiencing the culture, than long days on the bike. Canakkale was no exception. Thanks to our new friends Kerem & Sevda whom we met at the Bartin Bike Festival, we had been put in touch with another cyclist Halil who in turn offered […]


The Amazing People of Bartın

Jared’s crash happened 5 km from the end of the ride and since he was taken to the hospital in the ambulance I was left to figure out where to go and how to get his stuff. Thankfully I didn’t have to do this alone. Tunç, one of the riders and a close friend of […]

The Bartin Biskilet Hostpital Tour

It was the last day of the Bartin bicycle festival. My front tire had been showing visible signs of wear and tear since Trabzon similar to what I had dealt with in Albania 2009, but I made the judgment call that since there was only 40km to ride that day it would make it. Wrong […]


Bartın Bisiklet Festivali

We were shown to the meeting area and started meeting all the cyclists taking part in the festival. We were also given brand new cycling jerseys and buffs, which was awesome since I had been wearing the same cycling top for nearly 2 months. After a quick breakfast and a few instructions we were off. […]

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