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Run Squirrel, Run

I’m a cycle tourist and running is not my thing. Thankfully it was easier to brain ninja my girlfriend (Katie Eichten) into cycle touring the weekends away rather than her dragging my moaning ass through multiple marathons in a year. However, every so often there is a race where she just can’t resist the urge […]

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Braking in Suzie and Skee

Cycle touring, whether it be just for the weekend or long haul can sound so glamorous, especially when you are chatting to your friends and your conversation starts with “This one time in Albania…” And then there are the photos, don’t they look amazing. Forget about the fact that when it’s rough the last thing […]

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In Photos : Fall Cycling in Seoraksan

Seoraksan National Park is a one of the most beautiful places to visit in Korea. Recently I spent the weekend with friends cycling the mountains during DanPung (??) which is the Korean word for the changing of the leaves in fall. Here is what we saw. For more info read: Seoraksan, A Great Place to […]

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Oseak by Bike

In two weeks my close friends and a bunch of the Han River Riders cycling club will be leaving Seoul for the rugged mountains and fall beauty of Seoraksan National Park. This is my absolute favorite place to cycle in Korea offering spectacular views, challenging terrain, and beautiful valleys. As I am the one semi […]

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In Photos : Spring 2011 Cycle Touring Korea

Was going through this years cycling photos this evening looking for a couple of good ones for an article that I am writing about cycling in Korea, when I realized that I hadn’t put any of my photos up any on the Braking Boundaries site this year. So here are my favorite pictures from this […]

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Seoraksan National Park. A Great Place to Cycle

Seoraksan National Park (???????) is my favorite place to ride in Korea throughout all seasons, so I have put some info together for those of you who want to head that way for a weekend. The mountainous terrain provides great views when going down the windy roads and also great distraction when going up them. […]

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Han River Bike Paths and More..

Ever wondered where all those small river bike paths that join the Han start from or end up? Now you don’t have too. You might have seen the Korean symbols ??? along the Han river path. This is the word for bike in Korean, pronounced Ja-Jeon-Geo. The same symbols can also be found on the […]

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Why Not Warm Shower it up in Korea?

There are plenty of ways in Korea to make a cycle tour a little cheaper and more interesting at the same time. Sure you can wild camp (my personal favorite) but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of pitching up behind a small shed in the middle of nowhere and sometimes it’s just nice […]

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It Takes a Typhoon to get off the Bike

The title says it all really, although the typhoon turned out to be, as one person put it “a weak ass tropical storm.” For the last year or so I have been pondering what to do with the Braking Boundaries Site which was my home away from home while on the road in 2009. Should […]

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Wind, Rain and Cold Feet

Time is quickly running out for rides this year as the winter weather is just about to grip us here in Korea, so it was off for a fun fall adventure in the mountains of Sarak. And by fun I mean miserable. With Mcdonalds breakfast in hand we set off in the early hours of […]

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2008-09-28 005

Doraksan Campsite

Just down the road from the Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite is the start of the the hiking trails for Doraksan. The round trip hike to the peak took a little over 4 hours and had some great views. There is a small place at the start of the hike next to the car park where […]

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2008-09-28 015

Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite

The Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite is located further up the in the same valley as the Soseonam and Soseonam #2 campsites. Compared to the other two campsites in the area it is very small and is hidden just off the valley road next to the river. There are toilets across the road an a small […]

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2008-09-28 021

Soseonam Campsite #2

Soseonam Campsite #2 differs slightly from the first Soseonam Campsite (??????). Located about 500 meters up the road it has more a of a camping feel to it with slightly over grown grassy areas, no assigned camping spots and little to no lighting at night. There is however a small convenience store (??) at the […]

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2008-09-28 030

Soseonam Campsite

The Soseonam Campsite (??????) is located in a very nice valley beside a clean river about a 15 minute drive (45 min bike ride) from the city of Danyang. It is your typical Korean, drive up and pitch your tent on a small piece of ground. Each camping spot is numbered and my guess is […]

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2008-09-28 029

Camping in Korea

First things first. The word/symbols for campsite in Korea is 야영장. (ya-yeong-jang) Unfortunately camping in Korea is not one of the easiest things to do. Most campsites are limited to the National Parks with limited English information available, and forget finding a small place to pitch a tent for the night. I tried this when […]

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We’re not alone

I just came across an interesting website of another fellow Korean cycle tourist who has also extensively cycled the Korean peninsula. His website can be found here and provides useful tips for cycle touring in Korea.

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South Korea Cycle Tour (pre game)

It’s early Saturday morning, the weather is overcast and I am about to start my first solo bike tour around South Korea (what am I thinking). I thought I’d post some before trip stats before I leave. Gear Weight Front Panniers : 2.9kg & 3.4kg Rear Panniers : 2.8kg & 3.2kg Rear Top Bag : […]

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Korean Summer Cycle Tour

It’s the end of August and I am lucky enough to have a week off work, so I thought that this would a good time to go on and extended ride around South Korea and test out all the new gear that has been arriving over the past few weeks. This will be my first […]

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