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Chuseok Day #1 – Route Report

Brief Ride Notes: We started in Bundang. If you are starting your ride in Seoul the distance is more like 125 km for the day. Also on the first day we took a lot of side roads through the countryside. farms and rice paddies which also added quite a few km’s. In order to do […]

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Day 6 – Busan to Bundang

Trip Statistics Distance : 25km Ride time : 1hrs 21min Daily Budget Food : 24,000 ? Travel : 29,000 ? Route : Busan city using GPS & the Tancheon in Bundang Traffic & cities are overrated. Last night my good friend Jasmine took me out for dinner in Busan to an upscale seafood buffet and […]

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Day 5 – Chilpo Beach to Busan

Trip Statistics Distance : 146km Ride time : 6hrs 55min Daily Budget Food : 22,000 ? Lodging : 50,000 ? Route : HWY 7 Gyeongju tonight? Ah why not go all the way to Busan. I awoke early morning on Chilpo (??) beach to a peaceful and absolutely beautiful morning. It’s been just over 4 […]

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Day 4 – Uljin to Chilpo Beach

Trip Statistics Distance : 121km Ride time : 5hrs 56min Daily Budget Food : 14,000 ? Lodging : Free – Camping Route : HWY 7 a.k.a AH6 with a slight detour on the 20 It’s OK to be lazy….. sometimes. After the day I had yesterday I was in no rush whatsoever to leave the […]

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Day 3 – Namcheon to Uljin

Trip Statistics Distance : 131km Ride time : 8hrs 19min Daily Budget Food : 24,000 ? Lodging : 40,000 ? Route : 595 -> 88 -> 36 Hills and Corners that never end. What started as a pleasant early morning ride through Namcheon valley (????) with one goal in mind (to make it to the […]

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Day 2 – Suanbo to Namcheon

Trip Statistics Distance : 97km Ride time : 6hrs 12min Daily Budget Food : 24,000 ? Lodging : FREE (camped) Route : 517 -> 36 -> 5 -> 59 -> 522/595 It’s always harder to get up on the second day of a ride, especially knowing that I would be riding all day again by […]

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Day 1 – Bundang to Suanbo

Trip Statistics Distance : 133km Ride time : 6hrs 12min Daily Expenses Food : 31,000 ? Lodging : 50,000 ? Route : Bundang -> 45 -> 42 -> 17 -> 38 (east) -> 3 Finally the day had come, a chance to ride a fully loaded bike and tour around Korea. Gone are the days […]

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Anmyeondo Day 5

Distance: 92.23km Average: 20km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 4:36 Weather: Sunny, cloudy Issues: Kath – 2 flats, Kath bought new tires The final day! We knew we had about 90kms to go before Bundang, and David and I still had another 60 to go after that, so we got up early and found some coffee and […]

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Anmyeondo Day 4

Distance: 118km Average: 20.9km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 5:38 Weather: Sunny,hot Issues: Kath – 1 flat We woke up nice and early, feeling the effects of the previous evening’s celebration. For the Koreans, it was the Chuseok holiday, the day they remembered their ancestors and spent time with their families. For us, it was time to […]

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Anmyeondo Day 3

Distance: 72.41km Average: 18.3km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 3:57 Weather: Sunny / Overcast Issues: Kath – 1 flat tire On Monday morning, we managed to get going earlier than normal, although I began the day with a flat tire! We decided our destination would be the coastal resort of Anmyeoung-do, where Jared and Katie had spent […]

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Anmyeondo Day 2

Distance: 86.27km Average: 20.6km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 4:10 Weather: Overcast Issues: Jared – 2 flats, Kath – 2 flats, Jared bought new tires We woke up early, and made our way to a small corner store, where we had a small breakfast and some coffee. The weather was cool and a little drier than the […]

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Anmyeondo Day 1

Distance: 73.71km Average: 18.6km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 3:56 Weather: Rainy / Windy Issues: Jared had 3 flats and a blown tube We woke early in Bundang, eager and ready to hit the road. After packing and chatting, checking the route, updating emails, and changing Facebook profiles, the morning had disappeared. A quick stop for some […]

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5 Day – Seoul / Anmyeondo Return (443 km)

The cycle adventure begins! Written by Katherine Du Plessis Our plan – 5 days of cycling from Bundang. (East Seoul) to the West coast of Korea. Our goal; between 100 and 150 km’s per day. Jared created a beautiful route that took us through farm roads, countryside, all the way to the coast, and then […]

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