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Other Campsites Map Version History

This page documents the changes made to my Korean campsite GPS file that documents places I have camped or have found during my travels of the country.

Download the latest version of the KML map for Google Earth – Download Now[urldisplaymode=nomap]

v1.1 – 29 Sept 2008 Download v1.1[urldisplaymode=nomap]
– Added Soseonam Campsite with photos
– Added Soseonam Campsite 2 with photos
– Added Dolaksan Campsite with photos

v1.0 – 20 Sept 2008 Download v1.0[urldisplaymode=nomap]
– Added Camping at Chilpo Beach with photos
– Added 2 campsites found on my cycle from Danyang to Uljin
– Added small campsite that I spent a night at near Danyang

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