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After cycling 6000 km across China without meeting any other cyclists on the road (except the Koons brothers who were heading home) we were starting to wonder if we were the only ones out there. It turns out that they were all in Central Asia. As mentioned in a previous post we met the Belgian […]

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Glad We Didn’t Ride the Uzbek Desert

If there were any doubts about our choice not to ride from Bukhara, Uzbekistan to Aktau, Kazakhstan they have now been quelled after I just read Leon’s blog. Leon rode with us from Osh, Kyrgyzstan to Bukhara Kazakhstan and decided there to continue through the seering heat. Here is his latest entry which is well […]

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A View Through Taka’s Eyes

In todays digital age it has been extremely easy to bring you digital photos from our trip virtually as they happen, but imagine a trip where the memories you bring back are more than files on a small piece of plastic. This is exactly what our friend Taka does. We first met Taka in Bishkek, […]

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48 hours

It was all well and good deciding to skip the Uzbek and Kazakh deserts and the accompanying 45-degree furnace. We still had the problem of getting three cyclists, bikes and bags all the way from Bukara to the port of Aktau in Kazakhstan. In this part of the world at least, the machinations of getting […]

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