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Solar Power While Cycling

Cycling doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the comforts of home, especially when it comes to tech. However using certain, lets call them toys, means having a power/charging source. So Tom and I decided to buy a solar chargers. After a bit of research it came down to a foldable power charger called the PowerFilm […]

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One Crazy Canadian

For those who don”t know Dave, he is the genius behind our ride so I found this blog about his previous adventure I* have safely completed a coast-to-coast bicycle ride from Victoria B.C. to St-John”s N.L. The complete distance was 8929km, and that included the Gaspe Peninsula the (very hilly) Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia,and […]

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1 Down, 3 to Go

News has reached me that David has successfully obtained his new recumbent cycle, taking us another turn of ther wheel closer to our trip. This makes me all the more eager for the arrival, in August, of the 3 (rather more conventional) touring bikes that the rest of us will be using. In the meantime, […]

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Trip Gear Starting to Arrive

Dave is fortunate enough to have pretty much everything he will need from his previous cycle adventure across Canada. This has however meant that Tom, Katie and I have been able to go on a bit of a shopping spree and get a bunch of new gear which has finally started arriving. Katie just bought […]

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Decision on Bike Setups Made

Dave left for Canada this week and will return with the recumbent he plans to take on the trip. In the meantime Tom, Katie and myslef have made our final decicions on our initial bike setups. We have been working closely with Jakub Postrzygacz whom Katie and I met on our last trip back to […]

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Ordering Crosso Panniers

It’s an exciting night. I am in the process of order two sets of rear panniers for myself and Katie. They come personally recommended by Jakub Postrzygacz, granted it’s his company, but hey he’s swears by them and has done more riding than I could imagine myself doing in a life time. Check them out […]

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