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The Teamies Reunite

On October the 15th 2009, after completing a whopping 14,000 km Katie and I rolled into London with a sense of emptiness and a loss of what to do next. Our life on the road had all of a sudden come to an end. No more setting up camp, cooking and living in the wild. […]

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Done and Done

The final stats are still being compiled and there are a mountain range of stories and video to be published, but the legwork is now over for the team. Jared and Katie seem to have had the lion’s share of adventure. Since leaving Turkey they have, amongst other things, survived being swept out to sea […]

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Homeward Bound

Hey everyone, The journey (for me) is almost over me. I’m currently killing time on the ferry to Dover and will be on English soil in about 20 minutes. The end, the real end is Belfast, and that’s not so far away. In response to (semi)popular demand, here’s a tentative itinerary for the week: Mon: […]

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Breaking Radio Silence

20 days ago Katie and I said goodbye to our beloved team mate Tom and a day later left Istanbul on our own path through Europe. It came as a fantastic surprise that not more than 2 days later after getting off to a bad start and narrowly avoiding being washed away, Zee German (Thorsten) […]

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Europe – The Final Countdown

After almost 5 months and nearly 11,000km we’ve finally arrived in Istanbul, the crossroads between Europe and Asia. As you might imagine, we’re rather chuffed at the thought knocking off an entire continent, though perhaps equally thankful that the next one is just that little bit smaller. This point in our journey will see us […]

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