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Profile of Katie Tibbetts

Katie Tibbetts

Basic Information

Birthday: March 15, 1981
Hometown: Middletown, CT
Activities & Interests: Ambling through triathlons, scrambling up mountains, mucking across countries, and…surprise, surprise: biking through, up, and across anything.
Team Role: Wielding wit and sarcasm to maintain morale when the bucks are butting heads…and…color-coordinating team gear.
Favorite Quote: If you’re born for hangin’ you ain’t gonna drown.

Why Katie Cycled

Deciding to pull up anchor and castoff to unchartered waters as your family and friends wave goodbye from the shores of what was your life is no easy task. In my case, comfort and security quickly hightailed it, handing fear and anxiety the keys to the (often empty) space above my shoulders. In the last few months since making the decision to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, these two characters have rapidly developed a penchant for cracking open a case of self-doubt and barbecuing my brain with a pack of wild What-Ifs. It’s never a good party. Reason and Logic inevitably end up making an early exit–not before, of course, penning a list of Why Not’s and pinning to the pink stuff between my ears.

Between the What Ifs and the Why Not’s, it’s a wonder that anyone would cash in their creature comforts for a bike, a few bags of belongings, and a sore bum. And I’m sure this is the line of thinking that drives people to ask, Why?

Truthfully, despite hours of hashing out the pros and cons, I’ve still failed to develop a logical explanation for such an illogical undertaking. But, I have managed to come up with a response that, at the very least, I can subscribe to: sometimes when opportunity knocks, you have to let it in.
There are always a thousand reasons not to do something, but none of them hold a candle to the desire to do it. Some things in life just take a hold of you and become too big to reason with. And at these moments, in my experience, I’ve learned that life is there for the taking. In my case, I decided to grab it and ride with it for a while.