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Profile of David Glashan

David Glashan

Basic Information

Birthday: October, 1970
Hometown: Morin Heights, Quebec
Activities & Interests: Skiing, cycling, discovering things.
Favorite Quote: “A person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Why David Cycled

My first big solo ride was to cycle to a landmark in Seoul (63 building)… 25 kilometers, I was over the moon. I went to a 100… I wanted more… I started to dream about cycling Canada… a dream inspired by my father… several had their doubts… I planned, prepared, quit everything and did it. I actually did it. It took 63 days of cycling and I loved every minute. It was wonderful to be reacquainted with my home country, and when it was done I felt a little lost. I returned to my life, but the love of biking never left. I posted an invitation on facebook; London – Beijing, 2009… I wanted company this time. To my surprise Jared and Katie joined… Tom took a little convincing, but he seemed to be inspired by our enthusiasm. And so… Braking Boundaries was formed. As we had met, lived and fallen in love (with biking) in Seoul, we amended the route and decided to depart from our country of residence.

Why do I cycle? My bike has made my life better. Whatever the reasons are; for health, strength, adventure, tired of the current state of life, getting the last big adolescent want to travel out of the system, blah blah blah… I think only one sentence is appropriate: I cycle because I love it.