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Azerbaijan Letter of Invitation (LOI)

In order to get a visa for Azerbaijan you must first apply for a letter of invitation (LOI).
Here is how we did it using Stan Tours.

Cost : $100 USD
Process Time : 10-14 calendar days

Information to provide sent as an email and attachments.

A Scan of the photo page of your visa and the following information

1.Full Name (incl name at birth and previous names if applicable)
2.Date of Birth
3.City and Country of Birth
4.Citizenship (also previous citizenship if changed)
5.Passport Number
6.Date of the passport issue and expiration
7.Issuing authority
9.Marital Status
9a. If married spouses full name
10.Occupation. Place of Employment and type of business
11.Address and phone number of place at work
12.Accompanying children traveling on applicants passport
13.Previous visits (date, purpose and inviting party if applicable)
14.Port of Entry
15.Date(s) of Entry and Departure
16.Cities and sites you wish to visit
17. City/Country where you will obtain visa
18.Home address and Phone number

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