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Eurasia 2009 - Braking Boundaries

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  • 2009-07-28-002

    Wandering the Streets of Samarkand

    Samarkand, an ancient city in Uzbekistan has some amazing buildings that date back over 500 years old. Here are some of my favorite images from ...


Guangzhou Adventure

Jared and I were lucky enough to spend our time in Guangzhou with a Warmshowers couple, Mary and David. We arrived dirty and tired on a Thursday evening and were greeted with a hot shower and a homemade Cantonese meal. Mary is an excellent cook and we were fortunate to eat more than one of […]


Has it Really Been a Year?

–excerpt from the Braking Boundaries Mission Statement The dark eyes looked up at me from behind a scraggly mess of steel-grey hair. The gnarly knuckles and thick, leathery fingers made a feeble attempt to straighten the wilting cardboard. –Have you got change to spare? What should have been a scene set to inspire the kind […]


Beyond the Bike

It has been 43 days since Tom, Katie and I sat down to a wonderful home cooked Irish dinner and reminisced about how we conquered two continents. Now the adventures that enriched/challenged our daily lives seem to be fading fast and with the team +1 literally spread to the four corners of the earth there […]


The Teamies Reunite

On October the 15th 2009, after completing a whopping 14,000 km Katie and I rolled into London with a sense of emptiness and a loss of what to do next. Our life on the road had all of a sudden come to an end. No more setting up camp, cooking and living in the wild. […]


Braking News

Here are some scans of articles about Braking Boundaries that have featured in the local press here in Northern Ireland over the last few days. From the Mid Ulster Mail: From Saturday’s News Letter:


Done and Done

The final stats are still being compiled and there are a mountain range of stories and video to be published, but the legwork is now over for the team. Jared and Katie seem to have had the lion’s share of adventure. Since leaving Turkey they have, amongst other things, survived being swept out to sea […]


Wet and Wild Turkey

For a full story explaining the video you are about to watch continue reading below: It was sad to say goodbye to friends in Istanbul. Tom had left a day earlier on a mission to conquer Europe by himself and now Katie and I were leaving the much loved German after having had a great […]


Haircuts in Turkey

Getting a Haircut or a shave in Turkey is definitely a must do. Not only do they provide you with tea and wait every time you go to drink it, they also do something that I had never experienced before. Watch and see.


Turkey Is So Close

With our trip to Vardzia complete we took what seemed to be the best road to Turkey which was no more than 200km away. Yes we knew there was a 2000 meter pass in between, but no asphalt, that was a surprise.


Trip to Vardzia

Getting to Vardzia can be done many ways. Car, Minibus, Taxi or bike. We decided to add a little adventure to our trip and combined a few of these Vardzia was definitely a highlight to our Georgian Experience.

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