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Ortlieb Water Bags 10 Liter

Gear Tips for Newbies

With lots of time on our hands as we tackle the Turkish mountains and sit under the shade of trees Katie and I have put together a few helpful hints & tips that have worked for us so far that I think you will find invaluable before you meet us in Istanbul in 3 weeks. […]

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Ortlieb Water Bags 10 Liter

New Gear Purchases

Here are some of the additions I have made to my touring kit since the 2009 tour. Camping Additions 2 Ortlieb 10L Water Bags – From memory water wasn’t really an issue in Turkey, but we also had multiple plastic bottles all over our bikes to carry enough water for camping, so Katie and I […]

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New Gear : GripGrab Arctic Covers & Winter Gloves

I’m extremely soft when it comes to cycling in the winter, mainly because I hate the feeling (or lack thereof) of numb feet and fingers. After a bunch of research I decided to try a European company called GripGrab, specifically the Arctic Shoe Covers (4mm neoprene) and Polaris Gloves. GrabGrab Arctic Shoe Covers Cost: €49.90 […]

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1-Min Video Blogs : Ground Effect Style

These days both Katie and I look like walking advertisements for a little New Zealand company called Ground Effect which provides a unique line of cycling clothing and accessories that in their words and my opinion “works and lasts.” More on the company, how I found it, and why I use their gear in a […]

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Gear List for 4 Day Bike Trip

My few days of summer vacation have finally arrived so I”m taking off on a 4 day solo trip in the Southern mountains and West Coast of South Korea. First things first, gear. What am I taking on this trip? Before I get into an extensive list of what I am taking I”d likely to […]

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3 Things I Wish I Didn’t Bring

Immediately after I mentioned this, Katie turned around, looked at us lads and said “I know what 3 things I wished I hadn’t brought.” It’s taken a while to get around to writing this for you Craig, but here you are. Due to our excellent planning skills, these lists are very small. Things I wish […]

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What Would Mcgyver Do?

It’s been less than a month on the road and stuff is already breaking and . Spose that goes with the territory of over 100km a day through any kind of weather and any kind of road, but as long as the bodies aren’t broken riding must go on so on the road solutions are […]

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Korean Summer Cycle Tour

It’s the end of August and I am lucky enough to have a week off work, so I thought that this would a good time to go on and extended ride around South Korea and test out all the new gear that has been arriving over the past few weeks. This will be my first […]

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Fitting My Tubus Tara Front Rack

Our Surly touring bikes haven’t arrived here yet and I’m planning on spending a week cycling around South Korea in a couple of days and wanted to carry the majority of the gear that will be carried on our trip next year as a practice run. However this posed a problem a my current bike […]

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