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It’s a set-up

Jared and I undertook the task of assembling the 3 Surlys last night; a fun, if time-consuming, job. Our first surprise was learning that the third bike (which we’d neglected to remove from its box on Sunday) was not olive like its siblings but cherry red. A quick size comparison confirmed that this was indeed […]

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Observing local Customs

“How would you like a quick run over to the airport?.” It was the call I’d been waiting for all weekend. After weeks of anticipation and delivery status updates, our 3¬†brand-new Surlys were finally at Incheon, awaiting collection. They could have been delivered direct to our doors, but we saved over $200 by picking them […]

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1 Down, 3 to Go

News has reached me that David has successfully obtained his new recumbent cycle, taking us another turn of ther wheel closer to our trip. This makes me all the more eager for the arrival, in August, of the 3 (rather more conventional) touring bikes that the rest of us will be using. In the meantime, […]

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