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Sanaba. Our Mother from Isfara

We camped about 40km from the border the night before entering Tajikistan. Jared was sick that night and we were both still tired from our 6 day sprint from Bishkek to Osh. It was hot and we had trouble finding good drinking water that day but we were excited to finally be getting to Tajikistan. […]

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Kazakhstan and Kashin

Our trip through Kazakhstan was fast and furious but we chose for it to be that way. The rules to travel through Kazakhstan say if you are in the country for more than five days, you must stop in Almaty and get a second stamp in your passport. But if you are in the country […]

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Our Vacation on Vacation

While waiting for our Kazakhstan visas, we decided to cycle for a few days around the Urumqi area. We planned out a loop that would take through the Tian Shan Mountains, over a 4200 meter mountain pass, and then drop into the desert. That plan, however, got shot down after we got snowed in at […]

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White Out

The day started out nice enough. We had blue skies and gorgeous scenery but the roads were rough going. It was a constant up and the roads were beaten up because of all the trucks. About 2 1/2 hours in to our day we realized our dream of making it over the mountain in a […]

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Police Escort

During our 7 day Qilian mountain leg, the cold nights started to get to both of us (well more me than Jared) so we decided to take a night off of the tent and find a hotel. We spent the day climbing over a beautiful mountain pass and had a well deserved 30km of downhill. […]

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Cold, Cold Camping

When we were planning our trip we knew we would be climbing over some high mountains which meant we would be sleeping up high as well. We expected our stretch from Shangri-la to Kangding to bring the highest, and therefore coldest, camping spots. But boy were we wrong! Don’t get me wrong, we did have […]

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The journey from Shangri la to Kangding gave us dirt roads, amazing views, cold camping, and one blizzard but the best part of the road was all the yaks!!! Neither one of us had ever seen yaks much less so many yaks, so up close, and so hairy!

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Zhilam Hostel & Chengdu Generousity

After our battle with the blizzard, we were happy to be done climbing and off our bikes for a few days. Our plan was to get to the Zhilam hostel in Kangding by the afternoon and get ready for our visa adventure that would consume the next 5 days. Our first attempts at finding the […]

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Blizzard Conditions

Our last day in the mountains was an eventful one. It started out beautifully after staying with a kind Tibetan family and getting on the road early. We knew we had one more pass to go over before we dropped 1,500 meters to Kangding and wanted to get to town as early as possible. We […]

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Litang. China’s Wild West

After four tough days of battling gale force winds, mountain after mountain, dirt roads, and almost running out of supplies we made it to Litang. Litang is a county of the traditional Kham Region of Eastern Tibet and has an interesting history. During the 1950’s, Litang was one of the main areas of Tibetan armed […]

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Shangri-la Burning

Our first full day off the bike was in Shangri la, but it wasn’t always known as Shangri la. It’s former name is Zhongdian but was renamed Shangri la because of a fictional novel written back in the 1930’s. The city changed names in 2001 in a desperate attempt to produce more tourism. The city […]

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25 hours to Kunming

After spending 3 1/2 days in Gunangzhou with our Warmshowers hosts and meeting up with Zhou, Jared’s cycling buddy from 2009, we set off for Kunming. This was an adventure in itself. Our train was at 1pm, we said goodbye to David and Mary at 8am and headed for the train station.

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2014-03-19 15.13.54

Little America

After we sold all our belongings, quit our jobs, and were officially homeless we needed a place store our gear and crash before we headed to Australia and New Zealand. Thankfully we have a wonderful military family, the Lindsey’s, who opened their doors to us in a place we like to call Little America. Not […]

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Guangzhou Adventure

Jared and I were lucky enough to spend our time in Guangzhou with a Warmshowers couple, Mary and David. We arrived dirty and tired on a Thursday evening and were greeted with a hot shower and a homemade Cantonese meal. Mary is an excellent cook and we were fortunate to eat more than one of […]

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Tea Time in China

The first morning with our WarmShowers hosts David and Mary proved to be an interesting time. They took us out to breakfast, or morning tea as they call it here, with Mary’s mother. This was another true Cantonese experience for the two of us. It started with the basics of Baoji or steamed dumplings, which […]

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2014-03-28 19.51.16

The Jared Dubbs Experience

Our time in Hong Kong would not have been possible without the help of our good friend Jared Dubbs, or as Jared likes to call him ‘Beta Jared’. We spent 11 days getting our bikes together, sorting out our gear, enjoying Sai Kung (where Beta lives), and learning new card games (see below). But by […]

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Turkish Camping Dinner Cuisine

We both love camp cooking and coming up with new and different things to eat, so while wild camping almost every night we improved our chef skills and quickly learned what food was delicious and easy to make. Here is our wild camping menu.

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