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Geological Center of Asia

While killing time in and around the Tianshan Mountains near Urumqi we stumbled across the Geological center of Asia. Obviously this called for a token picture or two. Note the spelling of continent. To be fair it was spelled right on at least one of the signs. Had a chat with the local traffic cop […]

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Western Food in Zhangye

Welcome to Dicos” (in Chinese) every employee would say in unison as a new customer walked in the door – strange. While hanging out with Yannis and Kelly we sampled the local fast-food restaurant. As it wouldn’t be a full Zhangye expat experience without some sort of “western food.” So off we went to Dico’s, […]

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Where is my iPhone?

Where is my iPhone? It’s always in this little pocket. Oh sh*@##t. I knew exactly where it was. I had fallen to sleep that night in a tiny little Tibetan “kind of” guesthouse with my headphones in. It was under my pillow 75km away back over this mountain pass.

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Mountain Madness

The hardest day we have experienced on out bikes ever! The roads weren’t even fit for animals. Finally finishing at 11pm at night with 10 hours of riding over mountain peaks of 4300 meters. But the views were incredible! Here is a taste. Mountain Madness, a photo by brakingboundaries on Flickr.

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