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Korean Summer Cycle Tour

It’s the end of August and I am lucky enough to have a week off work, so I thought that this would a good time to go on and extended ride around South Korea and test out all the new gear that has been arriving over the past few weeks. This will be my first […]

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Fitting My Tubus Tara Front Rack

Our Surly touring bikes haven’t arrived here yet and I’m planning on spending a week cycling around South Korea in a couple of days and wanted to carry the majority of the gear that will be carried on our trip next year as a practice run. However this posed a problem a my current bike […]

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Crosso Rear Top Bags Arrive

A couple of days ago the first of our custom panniers made by Crosso arrived. They are a lot bigger than I thought they would be, although I guess they need to be in order to fit all the camping gear, such as tents, sleeping mats and bags etc. I’m looking forward to trying it […]

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Solar Power While Cycling

Cycling doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the comforts of home, especially when it comes to tech. However using certain, lets call them toys, means having a power/charging source. So Tom and I decided to buy a solar chargers. After a bit of research it came down to a foldable power charger called the PowerFilm […]

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One Crazy Canadian

For those who don”t know Dave, he is the genius behind our ride so I found this blog about his previous adventure I* have safely completed a coast-to-coast bicycle ride from Victoria B.C. to St-John”s N.L. The complete distance was 8929km, and that included the Gaspe Peninsula the (very hilly) Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia,and […]

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Trip Gear Starting to Arrive

Dave is fortunate enough to have pretty much everything he will need from his previous cycle adventure across Canada. This has however meant that Tom, Katie and I have been able to go on a bit of a shopping spree and get a bunch of new gear which has finally started arriving. Katie just bought […]

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Decision on Bike Setups Made

Dave left for Canada this week and will return with the recumbent he plans to take on the trip. In the meantime Tom, Katie and myslef have made our final decicions on our initial bike setups. We have been working closely with Jakub Postrzygacz whom Katie and I met on our last trip back to […]

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Ordering Crosso Panniers

It’s an exciting night. I am in the process of order two sets of rear panniers for myself and Katie. They come personally recommended by Jakub Postrzygacz, granted it’s his company, but hey he’s swears by them and has done more riding than I could imagine myself doing in a life time. Check them out […]

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Anmyeondo Day 5

Distance: 92.23km Average: 20km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 4:36 Weather: Sunny, cloudy Issues: Kath – 2 flats, Kath bought new tires The final day! We knew we had about 90kms to go before Bundang, and David and I still had another 60 to go after that, so we got up early and found some coffee and […]

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Anmyeondo Day 4

Distance: 118km Average: 20.9km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 5:38 Weather: Sunny,hot Issues: Kath – 1 flat We woke up nice and early, feeling the effects of the previous evening’s celebration. For the Koreans, it was the Chuseok holiday, the day they remembered their ancestors and spent time with their families. For us, it was time to […]

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Anmyeondo Day 3

Distance: 72.41km Average: 18.3km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 3:57 Weather: Sunny / Overcast Issues: Kath – 1 flat tire On Monday morning, we managed to get going earlier than normal, although I began the day with a flat tire! We decided our destination would be the coastal resort of Anmyeoung-do, where Jared and Katie had spent […]

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Anmyeondo Day 2

Distance: 86.27km Average: 20.6km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 4:10 Weather: Overcast Issues: Jared – 2 flats, Kath – 2 flats, Jared bought new tires We woke up early, and made our way to a small corner store, where we had a small breakfast and some coffee. The weather was cool and a little drier than the […]

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Anmyeondo Day 1

Distance: 73.71km Average: 18.6km/hr Actual Cycle Time: 3:56 Weather: Rainy / Windy Issues: Jared had 3 flats and a blown tube We woke early in Bundang, eager and ready to hit the road. After packing and chatting, checking the route, updating emails, and changing Facebook profiles, the morning had disappeared. A quick stop for some […]

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5 Day – Seoul / Anmyeondo Return (443 km)

The cycle adventure begins! Written by Katherine Du Plessis Our plan – 5 days of cycling from Bundang. (East Seoul) to the West coast of Korea. Our goal; between 100 and 150 km’s per day. Jared created a beautiful route that took us through farm roads, countryside, all the way to the coast, and then […]

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Bundang Anyang Loop (100km)

Still not comfortable leaving the confines of the Han River bike paths for long stretches, but want a decent length bike ride that doesn’t involve retracing your steps then this is the route for you. Most of the 100 km route is spent on the Tancheon and Han river bike paths. You will have to […]

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