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What is this Licorice Stuff?

OK, so back in 2009 when I first rode to Vardzia with my friends Tibbs and Irish Tom we were given this kind of fruit roll-up licorice tasting goodness. I had been talking about this stuff to Katie for weeks before we got to Georgia and had only ever seen it in a tiny little town.

“I will know the place when I see it. You will love it!”

I had no clue what the village was called, just that it was about 15km from Vardzia and that I was determined to find the stuff.

On the Road in Georgia

Turns out the towns name was Nijgori and the yummy stuff which cost 10 GEL (about $5 USD) was still there. I have no clue what it is called but if you ever pass through it is worth every penny.

On the Road in Georgia

So happy to eat it again. If anyone out there know the name of this yummy stuff and what it is made of please send me a message as I would love to know.

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