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RIP Crazy Creek

I am sure you have heard Katie and I go on and on about how great our camping chairs are (Crazy Creeks). Every cycle tourist that has camped with us has fallen in love with them too, so it is with sad news I have to say goodbye to mine.

We had just stopped in a gas station after a thunderstorm. The boys working there were kind enough to let me jump on the back of one of their motorbikes and go to town to fill our water bags with drinkable water as the gas station taps were not working.

Road from Kars to Georgia

Super happy having yet another random adventurewe chucked them on the back of our bikes for the climb up to the nearby forest where we wanted to camp that night.

It was then my heart dropped. My crazy creek was not in it’s little bag on the back of my bike. It had fallen out somewhere. The boys asked if there was a problem and kindly let me jump on the back of their motorbike and shoot 10 or so k’s back up the road to see if it was on the ground.

Sadly no. Somwehere between our lunch break and the gas station in Eastern Turkey lies my precious Crazy Creek. So here I pay tribute to the best little camp chair ever. You will be missed.

Camping Time out

Tianshan Mountains

Cold Camping

The Road to Litang

Eastern Turkey

Kalaikhum to Khorog

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