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Do-it-yourself Tampons

For my female audience (guys you are more than welcome to read too but don’t say I didn’t warn you)

After days and days of waiting to go to the Pamirs we were finally there. We enjoyed 4 days of cycling with Kieran and Marley, the British/German couple we met in Dushanbe, but said goodbye in Khorog as we headed east through the Gunt valley and they headed south to the Wakhan valley. It was a bit strange to be cycling as just two again but the scenery was amazing and we were so happy to be where we were.

Our first day out of Khorog brought small town after small town, good roads and lots of people. We found a great place to camp on an old road right by a river. We were soon greeted by a young boy, 13 maybe 14 years old, who wanted us to go back to his house for food and to sleep.

Chatting to a local kid

We thanked him but declined as all of our stuff was setup. He understood but wanted to bring us some bread, that we wouldn’t say no to. Not more than 20 mins later he was back with hot fresh bread. People never cease to amaze me.

Fresh Naan

Needless to say, we had a great night. Fresh bread, great campsite, and wonderful people. The next morning was a different story and not so great for me. I woke up feeling fine but was soon greeted by what many girls like to refer to as ‘Aunt Flo’ (my period for those not familiar with the term). Now normally that’s not a problem as we had been cycling and I hadn’t had a visit nor was I expecting one for a while. And since I wasn’t expecting it I didn’t have anything, I mean anything, to help. Once again this wouldn’t have been a problem the day before, but now we were in the middle of nowhere and chances of finding tampons were slim to none, so I had to do some quick thinking.

After a mini meltdown which was no doubt caused by Aunt Flo, I had to hone my MacGyver skills. I reached for the first aid kit to see what I could put together. I found gauze, string, and sports tape, and thankfully for my Mom a travel sewing kit from 4 years ago when I moved to Korea!

Home Made Tampons

I rolled the gauze tight and wrapped some string to keep it in place, then I wrapped a small strip of sports tape around the whole thing to keep the string attached and to make the gauze stronger, and there they were. Homemade tampons!

Home Made Tampons

To my surprise they worked extremely well and I was, still am, damn proud of my MacGyver skills.

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