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Western Food in Zhangye

“Welcome to Dicos” (in Chinese) every employee would say in unison as a new customer walked in the door – strange

While hanging out with Yannis and Kelly we sampled the local fast-food restaurant. As it wouldn’t be a full Zhangye expat experience without some sort of “western food.” So off we went to Dico’s, China’s version of Mcdonalds.

Dicos in Zhangye

Interesting side note. There are no McDonald’s in the Gansu Province as they refused to use the local potatoes. On the other hand there is a KFC that apparently people get dressed up in their Sunday best to eat at.

We loved the decor! Lime green & orange with strange toys in cases and pictures of western kids having fun.

Dicos in Zhangye

To be fair the Chocolate Sundaes weren’t half bad, but the gold medal goes to a new item on the menu.

Wait for it….. chocolate covered fries.

Kelly opted for the cheese covered ones, also new on the menu. I use the word “cheese” liberally here as it was more like some sort of nacho sauce.

Dicos in Zhangye

I do however sympathize with Kelly as cheese doesn’t really exist here in China and I after just 2 months we miss it too.

Sure you can get Yak butter, but that’s just not the same as a good chunk of cheddar.

Dicos in Zhangye