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Tea Time in China

The first morning with our WarmShowers hosts David and Mary proved to be an interesting time. They took us out to breakfast, or morning tea as they call it here, with Mary’s mother. This was another true Cantonese experience for the two of us. It started with the basics of Baoji or steamed dumplings, which are quickly becoming one of my favorite things here. Also some dim sum (shrimp dumplings) and fried radish. All very delicious.

BaoJi - Steamed Stuffed Bun

Then we moved on to a bit stranger type food. First was blood tofu. Yep, you read that right blood tofu. The ancient Chinese believe blood tofu will help protect your lungs and keep you healthy. No scientist or doctors have ever proven this so I stuck to just a taste, it wasn’t that good.

Blood Tofu Soup

Next up was a popular dish all over China, chicken feet. Chinese love chicken feet and I haven’t quite figured out why. I was not brave enough to try this one but Jared ate it up!

Yum. Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

We tried many other dishes that morning, some good, some not so great, but it was fun experiencing all the different foods and learning more about the Cantonese and Mandarin cultures. And of course the entire morning was nonstop cups of tea!

David Pours a Great Cup of Tea