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Gear Tips for Newbies

Dear soon to be cycle tourists (Sessions, Ski, Suzie) and tourist veteran Katie T. This post is just for you guys.

With lots of time on our hands as we tackle the Turkish mountains and sit under the shade of trees Katie and I have put together a few helpful hints & tips that have worked for us so far that I think you will find invaluable before you meet us in Istanbul in 3 weeks.

Firstly, our gear (see lists on this site) have been pretty much bang on. I have not used much of my warmer gear as it has been 20-30 degrees during the day but Katie, who feels the cold at night has.

Tip #1 – Water

On average we have needed about 4-5 liters each at the end of the day (10 total) when camping away from a water supply which has been just about every day so far.

This has been enough to make sure we have plenty to rehydrate at night, cook dinner, have morning turkish coffee, and fill our bottles for the next mornings start. Anything less and we’d both be very parched by the morning. In order to carry this amount we have been using our drink bottles (2 each) and one of the two 10 liter Ortlieb Water Bags which have already been well worth the money. It’s definitely less of a hassle than carrying a bunch of bottles and extremely easy to fill.

Tip #2 – Conversations with Locals

We forgot to do this and wish we had. Bring a picture of your family, a map of where you live, and a map of your route. In going paperless for this trip both Katie and I forgot to do this and we are always asked questions about where we are from and our family – really wishing we had thought of this before we left. Not having them however has forced us to learn simple phrases in Turkish quicker though.

Tip #3 Rubber Bands, Clips and Ziploc Bags

I put a bunch of these in my gear and they have proven very useful for sealing food such as open packets of coffee and herbs. Different sized ziploc bags have also been useful for making sure food hasn’t gotten all through our bags after a day of bumpy construction road riding, plus they are great for putting candy in your front bag.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the preparations and see you in 3 weeks.

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