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We are on a plane….but 24 hours earlier

Small Bag – Katie lays out our Ground Effect Tardis bag for the first time.

Small Bag

Lots of Nuts – I have never had to break my bike down to just the frame before.

Lots of Nuts

Pretty Light – This is about the weight of Michael Kims bike. Don’t think it’s very rideable right now though.

Pretty Light

One Bike Packed – The result of an hour of messing around.

One Bike Packed

Can you say electronics – I like gadgets! Now I just need to find some space in my bags.

Can you say electronics

Zip Ties & Duct Tape – Our Mcgyver kit.

Zip Ties & Duct Tape

Enough clothes? – Katie piles her clothes out as we go over everything piece by piece.

Do I have enough clothes?

Ready to go! – Katie holds both of our bikes packed for their long journey to Turkey.

2 bikes in bags


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