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New Gear Purchases

Katie arrives back from her Minnesotian vacation in just and few days, but while at home she has been keeping the US economy alive by spending up big at REI and various other outdoors/bike stores.

Katie (new to cycle touring) has spent the past year buying clothes, panniers, and various other items for her touring kit. The trip home gave her a great opportunity to get the last of what she will need for this trip and many more in the future.

I have also taken advantage of her being home and for the past couple of weeks multiple packages have been arriving at her doorstep with repair kits and also new & replacement gear. See our gear section.

Here are some of the additions I have made to my touring kit since the 2009 tour.

Camping Additions

2 Ortlieb 10L Water BagsFrom memory water wasn’t really an issue in Turkey, but we also had multiple plastic bottles all over our bikes to carry enough water for camping, so Katie and I have decided to invest in a couple of water bags for this ride and future trips. $29.16 each

Ayup LightsLast year we had the chance to try out a set of Ayup Lights finding them pretty darn good. They are super bright and make a good addition to our camping/biking gear. Their unique mounting system has also them easily detachable from our front bags. (see image) $450 V4 Adventure Kit

Crazy Creeks – A necessity in my mind. Crazy creeks make for a relxing camping experience at the end of a long hard days ride. After 7 long years my previous one has finally been put to rest, so Katie is bringing back a couple of brand new ones for our trip.

Electronics Additions

Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini KeyboardThe decision was made to go light on electronics gear, so this trip there would be no notebook. Instead the two of us will be carrying ipod touchs and a lightwieght flexible keyboard instead will allow us to still write easily from the road. $24.99

Kodak ZX3 PlaysportOne of the biggest regrets of my previous tour was not filming enough. This time Katie and I will be using a Kodak playsport to capture our experiences on HD.
$185 inc accessories

Goal Zero Solar KitA birthday gift from Katie, the Goal Zero solar panel with battery pack will come in useful for keeping our electronics charged. This replaces my small Solio unit that I broke on the last trip.

La Crosse AnemometerGot no real reason to explain the purchase of this other than when it’s freakin hot, cold, or windy its interesting to know the exact measurements. We have name it “Bear Grylls” (the guy from Man vs Wild) because I saw him use one on a show. “Hey Jared, what temp does Bear Grylls say it is,” has been a frequent request. $40.00

Air Stash Wireless Flash DriveThe goal of this trip is be able to post info and photos from easily the road, but getting photos from our cameras to the internet with only an itouch has taken some research. The Airstash is my the solution, so fingers crossed it works. $127.47

iHome Crystal Tunes Mini SpeakerNot really a necessity, but it’s always nice to listen to a little music now and then.


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