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10 Days Until Turkey

In just 10 short days Katie and I will leave South Korea to spend a month cycling around Turkey.

Welcome to our cycling Turkey website. Katie has been back in Minnesota for the past month giving me far too much time on my hands, so I put my rusty web design skills to work and chucked together a small website designed specifically to make it easy

to follow our adventure. With this website and a combination of social networking tools and tricks we hope to be able to give you more of a real-time feel of what it is like to be cycling day after day in a foreign country.

Updating While On the Road

Katie and I will be using our ipod touchs to update our location, photos, vidoes, and blog from the road whenever a wifi connection permits and as everyone has their preferred method of social networking, I have used some cool tech wizardry to make sure that our updates will be easily available from your arm chair no matter your preference.

Below are a couple of “on the road” features I have customized for this trip

Current Location

Using google maps and a small ipod touch app called MyMaps we will be able to update our location any time we have wifi.
You will be to view where we are on this map as markers as we check-in throughout the trip.

Photos & Videos on the Road

Our ipod touchs combined with a few other tech goodies (view a list here) will ensure that we are able post photos while on the road. Checkout the “Latest Mobile Uploads” or “Latest Videos” page for more information.

Other Ways to Follow Our Trip


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