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New Gear : GripGrab Arctic Covers & Winter Gloves

I’m extremely soft when it comes to cycling in the winter, mainly because I hate the feeling (or lack thereof) of numb feet and fingers. After a bunch of research I decided to try a European company called GripGrab, specifically the Arctic Shoe Covers (4mm neoprene) and Polaris Gloves.

If you don’t live in Europe and want to order GripGrab products read below.

GrabGrab Arctic Shoe Covers


Cost: €49.90 (minus 19% VAT)

What the Company Claims: Arctic is the warmest shoe cover for cycling available. Made from 4 mm waterproof neoprene with a thick fleece. Comfort Zone 0 to -10 °C.

Why I bought them: They are the thickest shoe cover that I could find and despite the price tag after reading this review I decided to give them a try to see if they are as good as the company claims.

Link: GrabGrab Arctic Shoe Covers

GripGrab Polaris Gloves


Cost: €39.95 (minus 19% VAT)

What the Company Claims: Polaris gloves are both wind and waterproof with a comfort zone of +5 to -5 °C.

Why I bought them: My old ski gloves are getting a little worse for wear, plus I was already going to be paying for international shipping on the Arctic Shoes Covers so I thought I’d try them out.

Link: GripGrab Polaris Gloves

How to get GribGrab Products Internationally

It proved more difficult than I first thought as GripGrab products are only available in selected European countries.

After several dead-ends due to a lack of international shipping information, options, or English support, I finally found Sonja from B&T Bikestore in the Netherlands.

She was willing to go out of her way to help me, even though it seemed as if they did not usually fill orders out side of Europe.

B&T Bikestore shipped my order via TNT for €25.00 after a few months of stock shortage, during which time Sonja kept me updated – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Their website is in Dutch, however Google translate does the job. The companies contact information can be found here : B&T Bikestore Contact Information. One last piece of information worth mentioning is that they only accept Paypal and wire transfers from overseas.

Thank you Sonja for helping me get the gear that I wanted.

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