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Gear Review : Ground Effect Bike Ranchslider Bike Pants

The following review of Ground Effects Ranchslider bike pants is based solely on my personal experience while riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike and Scott Sub 20 hybrid, both having a Brooks Flyer saddle.

Pricing Note: Products that are shipped outside of New Zealand do not get charged 15% GST (NZ’s VAT). The price I quote below is what I paid while living in South Korea unless otherwise stated.

Shipping Note: Shipping of the orders cost between $5-12 NZD which is next to nothing for international. My orders generally took the standard 8-10 working days to arrive

Ranchslider Bike Pants


Cost: Purchased Feb 2009 for $124 NZD + 12 Shipping (GST free).
The current price of the pants has gone up slightly on their site to $130 NZD + shipping.

Durability: EXCELLENT. I have used the pants for over two years including as my only pair of pants on the 6 month Eurasian tour. They make an excellent pair of off-bike pants for the end of a days ride too. I also use them for camping and hiking when I’m not biking. After 2.5 years of solid use the pants show little signs of wear. The velcro used to taper the pants at the ankle stopping chain suck is still holding strong.

Likes: They don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when riding, nor do they ride up my butt. Great wind breaking performance. Dry Quickly. Using them as normal pants as well meant one less piece of clothing in my bike touring gear.

Dislikes: None, but the latest version of their pants does not have front zipped pockets. I find the zipped pockets on mine extremely useful and safe for keeping things in them while riding. The new pants have a zipped back pocket. I never use the back pocket in my pants, mainly because I am sitting on it, so I do not see the value in having the zip at the back. The latest version also doesn’t have adjustable pulls to tighten or loosen the pants which I find useful – Sure the latest version has belt loops, but that would mean having to carry a belt and riding with one. Another feature change is changing from velcro to a dome clip to taper the cuffs and stop chain suck.

Overall Performance and Usage: Ranchslider pants continue to be an excellent multi purpose addition to my biking gear and will be coming with me to Turkey next year. They are perfect for cold weather riding, completely blocking the wind and dry extremely quickly when wet. It should eb noted that they remain warm even when wet. I also found them very comfortable folded up as part of my pillow during the hot summer months in Central Asia. They would wick the sweat away stopping my Thermarest pillow for becoming soaked. Overall totally worth the cost.

Link to Product: Ground Effect Ranchsliders

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