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1-Min Video Blogs : Ground Effect Style

These days both Katie and I look like walking advertisements for a little New Zealand company called Ground Effect which provides a unique line of cycling clothing and accessories that in their words and my opinion “works and lasts.” More on the company, how I found it, and why I use their gear in a later post.

For now check out the video of us dressed to the nines in Ground Effect Gear

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Time For Some Reviews

Having put a wide variety of their clothing to the test for over 3 years now, through more than 20 countries and 20,000 km in every weather condition possible, I have decided that maybe it’s time I wrote a review or two on the durability of each item, usefulness, likes (a lot) and dislikes (there are some)

Ground Effect Gear I Currently or Have Owned

+ Body Bag
+ Rock Lobster
+ Berglar
+ Storm Trooper (read review)
+ Zig Zags
+ Half Pipes
+ Baked Beanie
+ Lucifers
+ Toe Rags
+ Quickdraws
+ Baked Alaska
+ Two Timer
+ Ranchsliders (read review)
+ Supersonics
+ Sputniks
+ Slingshot

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