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Run Squirrel, Run

I’m a cycle tourist and running is not my thing. Thankfully it was easier to brain ninja my girlfriend (Katie Eichten) into cycle touring the weekends away rather than her dragging my moaning ass through multiple marathons in a year.

However, every so often there is a race where she just can’t resist the urge to put on her shoes and run. This fall though she put on more than running shoes, choosing to do the Chuncheon 2011 Marathon in a squirrel costume.


Getting ready to race

Chuncheon 2011 was Katie’s 2nd Marathon this year. She helped me to complete the Seoul Marathon earlier in the year at a time of 3:54. My first and most likely last Marathon.


Lining up with the thousands of other runners

She has run a total of 18 marathons now including Boston (twice), but being of Minnesotan blood her favorite marathon is “The Twin Cities.”


Look at me. I’m just a cute squirrel

Running wasn’t always in her blood. In fact it took and out sider, her sister-in-law Jen to get the party started. Now her three brothers are also running addicts.


Or am I a chipmunk? I’m not too sure

So why is she dressed as a squirrel/chipmunk? Running for her is fun. Forget the fact that there is 42.195 km (26 miles) of pain lying ahead.


Squirrel coming up on the halfway mark

This is not the first time she has dressed up. She ran Boston in bath robes with her brothers and her brother Luke is known as “Rubber Ducky Man.” He routinely dresses up in a rubber ducky suit for races. You can read about his antics at or on his facebook page.


Still moving at squirrel like pace near the 33k marker

One of Katie’s goals is to run a marathon on every continent, although I don’t know if Antarctica is included in that. I do know that there is a marathon down there though.


Only a few kilometers to go and still smiling

It doesn’t matter if it’s the 10km or 41km she will always dazzle you with a smile!


Fantastic run finishing at 3:29

She ran this marathon in 3:29 and I should add that this was without training. Her best time is currently 3:08. I’m sure there will be a sub 3 one day in the future.


Making friends along the way

So what’s next for this Marathoner, turned cycle tourist. Turkey of course and her first taste of an extended cycle tour. Much bigger and better things lay ahead for 2013 as well, although I know there will also be marathons chucked in somewhere along the way.


“I thought only winners got medals.” See Video

A fantastic day and by far the most entertaining Marathon I have attended so far especially the priceless looks and expressions from runners and spectators.

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