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Seoraksan Mountain Loop (72km)

This is a variation of the Seoraksan Mountains Loop (67km). This route has an extra climb as the course starts from Osaek Village

Seoraksan National Park (설악산국립공원) is my favorite place to ride in all seasons. The mountainous terrain provides great views when going down the windy roads and also great distraction when going up them.


For more info read: Seoraksan, A Great Place to Cycle and Osaek by Bike

Basic Route Info

Start/End Point: Osaek Village (오색)
Distance: 72km
Elevation Gain: 1644 meters
Highest Point: Hangyerneung Rest Stop (한계령 휴게소 917m)

Route Description

(road numbers have been color coded according to Korea’s road sign colors)

  • After leaving Osaek Village head up the mountain on the #44. Take the sharp left turn about 500 meters before Hangyerneung Rest Stop near the top
  • Enjoy going down the best valley ride in Korea until you reach the T-Intersection. Take a right turn toward Inje (인재)
  • The road will snake up the valley a few kilometers before turning and heading uphill steeply. Keep following the road up, over and all the way down to the where this country road joins the #44 again
  • You will need to cross the Lt. Thomas W. Livingston Jr bridge (read interesting article on dedication) to get onto the main road #44
  • Turn right and follow the #44 towards Sokcho and Yangyang. Note this is a dual carriage road.
  • The road will split about 10km up. Follow the #44 to the right back up the valley and finally the climb to Hangyerneung Rest Stop
  • From here it’s smooth sailing all the way back down to the starting point, Osaek Village


Route Maps & GPS File:

Seoraksan Mountain Loop (72km) GPX File [urldisplaymode=nomap] – To download right-click and choose “Save Link As”

Seoraksan Mountains Loop (72km) [gpxelevation=show]

Route Warnings:

  • Very steep and difficult climbing.
  • Highway #44 is dual carriage between Inje and the turn-off up the mountain. This can have heavy traffic at times
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