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In Photos : Spring 2011 Cycle Touring Korea

Was going through this years cycling photos this evening looking for a couple of good ones for an article that I am writing about cycling in Korea, when I realized that I hadn’t put any of my photos up any on the Braking Boundaries site this year. So here are my favorite pictures from this spring.


April 3rd 2011 – Riding the mountains of Seoraksan Park near the village of Osaek.


April 3rd 2011 – Riding the mountains of Seoraksan Park near the village of Osaek.


April 3rd 2011 – Found a new road with a killer 18% incline. Fun to go down, not so much going back up.


April 9th 2011 – Morning of our first attempt at the 400km Brevet


April 9th 2011 – Evening of the 400km Brevet on the ferry back to the mainland realizing we wouldn’t be able to finish so we hatched our own biking mission finishing a total of 283 km before arriving back in Gwangju at 3am.


April 23rd 2011 – New helmet ready for its maiden voyage on dirt roads and in the mountains to Danyang.


April 23rd 2011 – Katie Eichten packs her Orlieb panniers for the first time. Turkey looms closer every day.


April 23rd 2011 – Cherry blossoms along the dirt road that follow the northern side of Lake Chungju


April 23rd 2011 – Relentless ups and downs on dirt road for over 30km. Rare in Korea.


April 23rd 2011 – Katie Eichten works her way up yet another climb. The first time she has been on a dirt road for this long.


April 23rd 2011 – Strapping stuff down as the wind picks up making it tough going.


April 23rd 2011 – Stopping for a breather and to take in the shear beauty of Korea in the spring.


April 23rd 2011 – On the other side of the lake where the road is lined with Cherry Blossom trees at their best.


April 24th 2011 – All because Seoul is a modern city doesnt mean the rest of Korea is.


April 24th 2011 – Well off the beaten track up concrete roads behind small farms.


April 24th 2011 – What, more dirt roads. Katie struggles to understand how I can all this a shortcut when the sign added 10 km to our destination.


April 24th 2011 – Getting closer to Chungju, but still on the dirt.


April 24th 2011 – One of my favorite pics of spring. Korea, simply a great place to ride.


April 24th 2011 – Hardest dirt road climb of the spring. A great challenge for Katie


April 24th 2011 – Looking back at what we just accomplished


May 1st 2011 – My first ride with the Chuncheon crew and a huge day of climbing the mountains in Gangwondo to the Peace Dam and back. Days elevation of 3000 meters.


May 1st 2011 – 12% down, most likely meant it was 12% up.


May 21st 2011 – Suzie Heibel breaks in her new Scott bike. First time ever on a weekend adventure.


May 21st 2011 – It may have rained, but spirits are high


May 22nd 2011 – Andrew Godlewski sports his hat from the previous nights dinner festivities.


May 22nd 2011 – Break time on the road. Time for some gummy bear power


May 22nd 2011 – Katie Eichten and Andrew Godlewski power off for another climb to 850 meters


May 22nd 2011 – Tibbs rocks along to pass everyone and make to the top of the mountain first as usual.


May 22nd 2011 – Weird and wacky cartoon characters mark the change of a province.

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