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Bikes on Planes : Emirates Airlines

Flying with a bike and gear seems to be getting harder and harder these days with all the weight and baggage restrictions, and finding up-to-date information is even harder. Here is my personal experience with Emirates

My Emirates Experience

Flight: London, England -> Seoul, South Korea
Date : November 2009
Weight Limit: 1 piece, 32kg + 7kg carry on (see Emirates for up-to-date information)

Emirates had no problem counting my bike in my one piece 32 kg limit which is the weight limit for flights from Europe to Asia, and a very generous weight limit compared to most airlines that only offer 20-23kg for the same flight.

Was able to break down my Surly Long Haul Trucker and pack it into my Ground Effect Body Bag. Used my panniers to pad it for protection and added my tent and other gear to bring the bag right up to the 32 kg limit.

Managed to get the rest of my gear that I used for the 6 month tour under the weight restrictions using the 7kg carry on for the rest in my rear Crosso roll bag.

I had to wear a few extra layers of clothes when I boarded, and also had a small back pack with my computer and electronics, but was definitely doable.


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