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Chuseok Day #1 – Route Report

Brief Ride Notes: We started in Bundang. If you are starting your ride in Seoul the distance is more like 125 km for the day. Also on the first day we took a lot of side roads through the countryside. farms and rice paddies which also added quite a few km’s. In order to do this please study the GPS map below as the directions below will not include these. The route description is a little confusing at times as there are a lot of smaller roads in this area of Korea. Food and water wise, there are plenty of restaurants, convenience stores and small shops along the way so it is not necessary to carry more than a couple of drink bottles and some snacks unless you want too.

Basic Route Info

Start/End Point: Migeum, Bundang (분당) / Baegun Valley (백은계곡)
Distance: 150 km
Elevation Gain: 1170 meters
Highest Point: Baegun Valley Rest Stop (백은계곡 휴게소 617m)

Link to original planned route: See GPS Maps below for actual route.

Route Notes & Warnings:

  • We encountered heavy traffic on all parts of #43 at different parts of the day
  • If camping isn’t your thing there were motels along Baegun Valley before the steep climb
  • There are lots of different ways to ride to the valley, some faster than others
  • The back roads marked as green lines on the google planned route were so much fun and worth taking the time out to do

Route Description

(road numbers have been color coded according to Korea’s road sign colors)

  • From the Bundang (분당) follow the Tancheon (탄천) bike path to the Han River
  • Take a left onto the Han River bike path and follow it for about 1.5 km until you reach the Yeongdong Bridge (영동대교)
  • Take the ramp on the left side up over the bridge and down the stairs to the North Side of the river
  • Continue riding west along the Han River. The Han bike path will take a sharp right onto another river called the Jungnangcheon (중랑천).
  • Follow this river all the way to Uijeongbu (의정부시). You will change to the west side of the Jungnangcheon (중랑천) shortly after getting on it. Make sure you stay on the correct river heading north as the Cheongyecheon (청계천) also connects along the way and you do not want to go up this
  • The bike path will eventually end 25km later in Uijeongbu (의정부시)
  • Directions from here are slightly confusing. Cross to the east side of the river and follow the road north. This will be a main road with plenty of traffic and have signs pointing Donducheon (동두천시) and the #3. Follow this road until you find the intersection for #360 which is about 5km from where you left the bike path
  • Take a right at the intersection and follow the #360 through Goeupdong (고읍동). At the end of the town the #360 will turn right. The sign will also point towards Pocheon (포천) and the #43
  • The #360 will climb slightly and lead into a nice new tunnel before meeting intersecting with the #43 on the other side. Keep going straight. The number of the road may have now change to #98
  • Follow the #98 until it meets with the #383, then go left
  • Follow the #383 into Songu-ri (송우리) and take a right onto the #360
  • #360 will turn into #87. This is a busier road and where we started taking side road detours to avoid traffic, and because it is much more interesting. See green lines in original route plan
  • If you are not up for getting lost in the rice paddies take #87 until it joins up with #43 in the town of Pocheon (포천)
  • Turn right onto the dual carriage busy road #43. Follow it 5km to the intersection #368 and turn right. The #368 will climb slightly and is a welcome detour from the traffic
  • Follow the #368 a few kilometers, then turn right on the #87
  • Follow the #87 for about 3 km the until it branches left and heads uphill, don’t follow it. Stay right in the valley on the small country road until it reaches the #37 and take another right.
  • Follow the #37 until it meets the #43 again (There is a rest stop on the corner)
  • At the intersection turn left onto the #43 and and then 1km later right onto the #372. At this time you will see the sign to Baekgun Valley 18km (백은계곡), the destination for day one
  • The #372 will take you through the town of Idong (이동) which famous for Korean BBQ. The town smells so good.
  • Shortly after leaving the town of Idong (이동) the #372 will start to climb before turning into a very steep ascent to the height of 617m Baegun Valley Rest Stop (백은계곡 휴게소 617m)
  • We ended our first day by heading down the other side of the valley for about 5km and camping in the car park of a small rest stop, marked as a picnic table on this map

Route Map & GPS File:

Chuseok Day #1 GPX File [urldisplaymode=nomap] – To download right-click and choose “Save Link As”

Chuseok Day #1 [gpxelevation=show]

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