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Seoraksan National Park. A Great Place to Cycle

Seoraksan National Park (???????) is my favorite place to ride in Korea throughout all seasons, so I have put some info together for those of you who want to head that way for a weekend.

The mountainous terrain provides great views when going down the windy roads and also great distraction when going up them.




I recommend riding in early spring and late fall.


There is also fantastic hiking in the area which I like to do in the winter months.


My favorite place to stay is a little village called Osaek, (??) famous for it’s hot springs and mineral water that you can drink right out of the ground.

As Seoraksan is a famous place for Koreans to visit and hike in the summer and fall months making it an extremely busy place, plus prices double. In the late fall Oct/Nov I stay in a hotel for 50,000 (approx $50 USD), or a bigger room for 4 people for about 80,000 (approx $80 USD)

My Bike Routes

Seoraksan Mountain Loop (67 km)
Seoraksan Mountain Loop (115 km)

Getting There with a Bike

Places mentioned are on the Google Map below.

Buses run frequently from Seoul to Sockcho (??) the closest major city to the park entrance.

However I would suggest staying away from the city I would suggest heading to YangYang (??) and staying on Naksan Beach (???) which is about 5km from the town of YangYang. There are plenty of cheap hotels (in the off-season) that line the beach front. Not to mention that after a great days ride in the mountains you can sit on the beach front and enjoy a good feed.

You can also camp near on or near the beach for free or there is also a National Parks camp ground which you can pay a couple of dollars to use.

Getting to my favorite spot Osaek, (??) is a little more difficult if you don’t have a car. There are less frequent buses that will drop you off on their way to YangYang (??) although I am not sure if all buses will do this.

For more information check out the Korean Express Bus Line site. Alternatively (and easiest) call 02-1330, the English help line in Seoul. They are brilliant and will let you know your options.

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