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Han River Bike Paths and More..

Ever wondered where all those small river bike paths that join the Han start from or end up? Now you don’t have too.

You might have seen the Korean symbols ??? along the Han river path. This is the word for bike in Korean, pronounced Ja-Jeon-Geo. The same symbols can also be found on the toolbar of Naver Maps. If you click this button all the bike paths and routes throughout South Korea.

Not all of the routes are on rivers. The map also shows paths throughout the major cities that are meant to be used by bikes including a suggested 400km route from Seoul to Sokcho (???? ???) although if you message me I’d be happy to provide you with a much better one.

So if you are looking for a different path to take why not try out Naver Maps cool wee tool. Of course I still recommend creating your own and getting off the Han.

NOTE : You need to be zoomed in on an area before the tracks start showing up.


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