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Peace Dam Loop (100km)

The hills and mountains in the Chuncheon area provide great mountain rides. If you are looking for a challenging route, but not so much that you won’t make it home in time for dinner, I would suggest this 100km route and if it’s not challenging enough you can add an extra 20 km around the lakes in the area. (see google map)

The Peace Dam is a very interesting place to visit and there is a small rest stop food place open in the summers for that extra fuel needed to climb the next mountain. Depending on your fitness level it should take around 6-8 hours to complete the route.

Unfortunately it is not the most accessible area from Seoul but there there are bus stations in Yang-gu (양구) and Hwacheon (화천) that put you on the course.

Route map and gpx file is available at the bottom of the post.

Basic Route Info

Start/End Point: Anywhere on the loop. I suggest Hwacheon or Yang-gu
Distance: 102 km
Elevation Gain: 2443 meters
Highest Point: 729 meters

Route Description:

(road numbers have been color coded according to Korea’s road sign colors)

  • Assuming a Hwacheon (화천시) start point going clockwise follow #461 west about 5km until it meets the loop course.
  • Follow #460 to the Peace Dam (plenty of signs). The road will turn right and starts the first climb.
  • After checking out the Peace Dam continue to follow #460 slightly down then up the second big climb.
  • There are two routes from the Peace Dam to Yang-gu (영구시).
  • 1. The longest follow #460 and the on to #31
  • 2. Alternatively there is a sharp right turn at the sign to Gunryang-ri (군량리) just after the bottom of the second climb. This is the below GPS route. (see map)
  • From Yang-gu there are two options:
  • 1. Take #31 through the tunnels. This is the below GPS route. (see route warnings at the bottom of the page)
  • 2. Just before the tunnels take the off ramp to Seokhyeon-ri (석현리). This road will take you around the lake. This adds 20km to the ride and it is not an easy 20km
  • At the end of the tunnels the #31 will climb again to another tunnel before a nice downhill.
  • At the bottom of the downhill take a right on to the #461 and follow it back to where you started.

Route Maps & GPS File:

Peace Dam Loop (100km) GPX File [urldisplaymode=nomap] – To download right-click and choose “Save Link As”

Peace Dam Loop (100km) [gpxelevation=show]

For more detailed route information and to download click on the ‘View Details‘ link on the Garmin map.

Route Warnings:

  • The tunnels between Yang-gu and Gangcheok-ri (esp the last one) are not much fun to ride through. The last tunnel if heading in a clockwise direction is 3km long and has no shoulder. EXTREME CARE is needed. There is an alternate route (see map) around the lakes but it adds 20km and is full of ups and downs around the lake.
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