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Alex Cycles From Seoul to Mokpo

This July a there have been quite a few members of the local riding club “The Han River Riders” out and about throughout the country side, one of whom was Alex. His plan was to buy a touring bike and head down the coast from Seoul before catching a ferry back to Jeju. Alex ended up buying a LHT (good call), naming Clank, and completing his ride from Seoul to Mokpo braving the summer monsoons. Below are links to blog posts that he wrote about his trip.

The Adventures of Alex and Clank

Seoul to Mokpo
At the time I am living in South Korea. I live on a small island called Jeju. I was trying to figure a way to see the […]

Day 1, July 23rd – (part one)
In order to put a map of South Korea onto my Garmin I have two options. 1: Pay some guy in Seoul $250 USD. 2: Go to […]

Day 1, July 23rd – (part two)
So by some strange, unlucky happenstance I did not take a picture of Bob Jo, myself, and my new bike–currently unnamed. It takes some time to set […]

Day 2, July 24th
Morning comes early for me today. Whether it is the incessant snoring coming from one of the occupants in my hostel room, my excitement to start my […]

Day 3, July 25th – (part one)
The bath houses are a nice refuge during the nights. Showering and have a good meal at night and in the morning really puts me back in […]

Day 3, July 25th – (part two)
Highway 77 is a much needed change from 32. There is much less traffic but at times no shoulder on which to ride. This means I am […]

Day 4, July 26th
For the first time I am unhappy with my progress today. The wear of riding feels to be catching up with me. The lack of a truly […]

Day 5, July 27th
Today is one of those strange breed of days when you are unsure whether to grab your umbrella or your sunglasses. I am up by 7 and […]

Day 6, July 28th
I wake as the sun rises. My mouth is dry and sticky like the rest of my body. I pack quickly and jam out, there are few […]

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