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Keep on Cycling Kiwis

Was reading an article this morning that I saw posted by The Travelling Two about a two other cyclists that had problems with a cracked wheel rim while in Russia. Out of curiosity I read their about page to see where they had come from and where they were going. Turns out RollingTales are two kiwis heading home by bike the long way from London.

Should the two of you (Emma & Justin) find yourself on a little detour to South Korea on the way home feel free to come crash at my place. I’d love to hear your tales.

Link : Article about their cracked rim problem in Russia.

Looking through a couple of their posts on Turkey really made me want to be back there eating Findik and camping in random places.

Turns out they also ran into a few other Kiwis in Istanbul who were cycling.

Ashventures’s Traveler Profile – Ashley Hooper heading from London, UK to New Zealand

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