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It has been 43 days since Tom, Katie and I sat down to a wonderful home cooked Irish dinner and reminisced about how we conquered two continents. Now the adventures that enriched/challenged our daily lives seem to be fading fast and with the team +1 literally spread to the four corners of the earth there is no one close by to understand the thoughts that go through my head as I walk down the street in “normalville.”

(Katie is back in the US, Tom is in Ireland, David is in South Africa, Thorsten is in Germany somewhere and I’m back in New Zealand)

Sure it’s great to be home spending some much needed time with family, enjoying great food, hanging with my little brothers and technically still having a vacation, but there remains a sense of emptiness to daily life.

Gone is the early morning routine of trying subtlety wake up Katie without having her go nuclear, or the evening ritual of setting up camp in strange places, cooking delicious pasta and falling asleep to Tom laughing as he watches Father Ted in his tent.


Gone are the offers of a wonderful picnic breakfast in the middle of nowhere followed by early morning shot of moonshine anymore?


And where is the Turkish man at the gas station who sits down and plays his instrument just for us?


I guess for now “normalville” is my home and the voices in my head that are saying “India, that sounds like an interesting place” will have to wait just a little while longer as…..

it’s time to write.

Stay tuned as the Braking Boundaries website is coming back to life with more stories from the road and adventures of other travelers that we met along our travels

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